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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 10, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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works, but i am so disappointed at what's happening in washington. so, we'll see what happens. >> sean: mr. trump, always a pleasure, good to see you. and that's all the time we have left this evening. let not your heart be troubled, the news continues, greta is next and see you back here tomorrow night. greta. >> greta: tonight, well, get ready for a fight, a bloody one. republicans already ripping apart president obama's pick for treasury secretary. senator jeff sessions says nominee jack lew must never be secretary of the treasury and the senator has a lot more to say and he's here. much more ahead, on the record starts right now. >> the president dominated his current chief of staff jack lew to replace the outgoing treasury secretary tim geithner. >> i cannot think of a better person to continue tim's work at treasury than jack lew. >> jack lew is very partisan, he's very political. >> he already has some strong opposition especially from the top lawmaker on the senate
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budget committee jeff sessions. you can't have somebody-- >> i trust his judgment, value his friendship, i know very few people get greater integrity than the man to my left. >> jack lew and the president don't think that spending is the problem. wasteful government spending is the problem. >> prosecutors say arias had one last tryst with travis alexander, killed him in a ferocious gun and knife attack. it's not a case of whodunit. it's a case of kill or be killed. if i didn't kill him, i myself would be killed. >> it's hard to play the victim of terrorism, when you've shot the guy in the head and slashed him or slashed him and then shot him in the head. >> and junior saey, doctors reveal-- >> junior suffered from chronic brain damage. severe brain damage, all the concussions, he suffered damage to his very brain
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cells. >> the latest on the disappearance of luxury fashion mogul vittorio missoni. >> and helicopters and planes scouring the waters off venezuela for the better part of seven days and have not found any sign of wreckage. >> the family has become convinced they're still alone. >> now misson iechi's son octav has been hinting they have been kidnapped. >> all that and much more in minutes. but first the top republican in the senate budget committee vowing not to let jack lew become treasury secretary. senator jeff sessions accusing lew of lying before congress, lying about the national debt. he is referring to a bitter, 2011 senate hearing. >> you said in your interview, with-- our budgets would get us over the next several years to the point where we could look the american people in the eye and
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say we're not adding to the debt anymore. we're spending money that we have each year and then we can work on bringing down the national debt. was that an accurate or misleading statement to the american people? >> senator, i think it's an accurate statement that our current spending will not be increasing the debt. we do have interest payments, it will take a while to work down the interest payments. >> you didn't say that, you said we will be bringing down the debt during the period of this budget and that we can look them in the eye and say we're not adding to the debt anymore. >> and that's-- >> that's not accurate, is it. >> no, i believe it is accurate. our current programs and things we're doing, making decisions on, we've stopped spending money that we don't have. we can't just wish the national debt away. >> greta: senator sessions joins us, good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> greta: senator, am i right in my characterization that you've accused jack lew of lying to the senate? >> look, when he came in and
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testified to represents the most colassel, fantastical financial misrepresentation, i think in history. he said that debt, he told the american people square off that we would not be adding to the debt. we would spend only the money that we have and begin to pay down the debt. that was utterly untrue. his budget did nothing like that. the lowest deficit in ten years that he projected in his own numbers, with 600 billion dollars deficit and would have added 13 trillion dollars to the debt. remember, this was after 2010 when the republican house was elected and hopefully we were at a point to make some fundamental changes in spending in america, and they came out with a budget that did just the opposite and he told the american people what they wanted to hear, but it wasn't the truth. >> greta: all right. and just so i'm zero in on and not going to beat a dead horse. there's a big difference
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between being mistaken or a different viewpoint and trying to be deceitful and a lie, because that's a very different -- where does he fall in this spectrum in your opinion? >> well, i gave him a chance in the hearing. he made the statements publicly and i quoted them back and he said it was accurate, he defended those statements although i will acknowledge secretary geithner who followed him before the committee would not say so. he knew that wasn't accurate. he acknowledged that the president's budget did not put us on sustainable path, but not mr. lew, he continued to spin and repeat those misstatements and indeed the president was running ads on it in september right before the election saying the same thing that his budget paid down the debt and it's absolutely not true. >> greta: is there anything that jack lew could say at a hearing that would redeem him in your eyes? >> well, we would see. i mean, he'd have an opportunity to do that, but
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fundamentally, i guess eating a little crow is not going to satisfy my feeling about it because i think he knew exactly what he was doing. he should have told the president, i cannot say that, mr. president. i will not say that. i'd have to resign before i'd go out before the committee and try to promote such an idea, that our budget is going to pay down the debt. >> greta: well, you have been quoted as saying he will nevernever be secretary of the treasury. do you think he won't be voted by the committee and the senate. >> greta, i said i felt he must never be. we'll see, i'll just have one vote on it, but i do think that the senate needs to push back against this idea that people can come before our committees and say anything they want to, inaccurately, and then waltz in two years later want to be promoted to a
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higher office, the most significant financial office in our country, really, in the world, the secretary of treasury, and we shouldn't treat that lightly. he needs to be held to account in my opinion. so that's my strong feeling about it. >> greta: well, i tell you you're not alone. the other end of the political spectrum, senator bernie sanders indicated he's not going to vote for him, he would vote no for a very different reason, he believes he's too cozy from wall street, that's my word not the word that the senator used, on the other end of the political spectrum he'll have trouble, too. i'm curious, step back and look at who is going to ask what and how and i see this hearing is one that's going to give republicans an opportunity to grill him about the president's plan for the future, the economy. it's something that the republicans have been at least saying that they haven't gotten out of the president so far. is this going to be a grilling
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of this candidate about the president's policies? >> well, it absolutely should be an opportunity to inquire of him about some of the basic principles of his administration. why have they not proposed any solution to our entitlement program? why have they not responded to the law that requires them to layout a plan to fix medicare when it gets in financial trouble? it's been certified to be in trouble and the president should be, have laid out a plan. he's flatley refused to comply with the law. maybe they'll ask him why he said and supported harry reid in not bringing up a budget. he supported that and says you could filibuster a budget and he well knows, mr. lew does, you can't filibuster a budget. it can be passed with a simple majority. so i think there are a lot of questions and matters that could be inquired of at his
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hearing. >> sean:. >> greta: well,'s apparently going to have problems with senator orrin hatch on the finance committee because senator hatch says he's withholding judgment, hasn't said yes or no, until the nominee, meaning mr. lew, outlines the administration plan to cut spending to lower the national debt. so you could see that the senator hatch, you know, intends that whole business of-- issue of spending cuts. this nomination hearing is going to be the floor about that particular issue just like the debt ceiling. >> well, i think it can be and i think the reason they never brought up a budget is because the democrats would have had to defend openly in public debate an unsupportable, indefensible plan that their president was promoting and they would have to follow it or reject it. and of course, when lew's budget was brought before the senate and the house, if you remember, greta, it got zero
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votes. not a republican or democrat in the house or senate voted for the budget that mr. lew was the architect of. i don't think that speaks well for a man who would take on the great position of treasury secretary. >> greta: president obama said that he had facilitated deals. he says that he has worked with republicans and democrats and president reagan and speaker o'neill and bill clinton and republican congress on the issue of a budget deal. i'm curious whether you agree he has brought two sides together and if so, where has that been at least in the last go-round, at least the last 18 months? >> well, this last fiscal cliff deal, he's chief of staff at the white house. he was involved in the negotiations. they went nowhere until senator mcconnell urged vice-president biden to get involved and that's when an agreement was reached. it wasn't jack lew that reached that agreement. he also, when he agreed to the budget spending reductions in front of the budget control
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act, 18 months ago, he proposed a budget, the next budget that they put forward wiped out 60% of those cuts, even though he'd agreed to them in august, in january he was proposing to giving, giving back 60% of them and spending more money. >> greta: i guess it's pretty clear-- >> and see the kind of-- >> i guess it's pretty clear you have a strong opinion on this one? >> i really do. i can never forget that hearing. it was one of the most dramatic things i've ever participated in when the office of management and budget looked us in the eye and insisted that they were correctly -- they were correct in saying their budget would pay down the debt when it did not. >> greta: senator, always nice to see you, thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: if jack lew becomes treasury secretary, our entire economy will be in his hands, but can most americans even
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pick lew out of a lineup? griff jenkins hit the ground to find out. >> greta, no man or woman will have a greater impact on the lives of every american than jack lew is about to have. he's no stranger to washington, served as the director of omb upped obama and clinton and even a stint on wall street and now the white house chief of staff is set to be become the next treasury secretary. in real jobs overseeing the delicate and struggling economy and digging us out of the largest deficit in history. his decisions will impact the livelihoods of every one of us, but does anyone know who he is? >> any idea who that guy is? >> no. >> i don't know who that is. >> does he look familiar though. >> i'm going to go bill o'reilly. >> and another crook. >> another crook? >> who is that man, any idea? >> since arrived in the u.s., so the answer is no. >> that doesn't excuse you.
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>> hey, man, any guess who this is? >> it's not you. >> this, you think it looks like me? >> yes. >> it looks like me? >> hold on, let's he see. >> all right. >> hi, guys, can you tell me who this is? >> anybody? wild guess? hello, anybody? any idea who this is? >> come back here, who is this person? can you guess? >> the new treasury secretary. >> what's his name. >> i forget. >> his name is lew is his la name. >> very good. >> new treasurer. >> the new treasury secretary. would you trust, turn this around. trust a man with that signature. >> no. >> trust a guy who signs a name like that? >> a little gobbledygook there, oh, my. >> huh. >> is that for real? >> oh. >> no. >> well, wait it looks like
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something a two-year-old could have drawn. >> it looks like a two-year-old. he should be back in penmanship when they had to teach you in third great. >> i think that he might want to consider doing what geithner did and change it and make it a little bit more official looking. >> you're the most informed washingtonian, you know that geithner changed the signature. there's hope, someone knew the right answers. >> hi greta. >> this is a fox news alert. the colorado movie massacre suspect will go to trial. just a short time ago, a colorado judge ruling there is enough evidence for james holmes to stand trial on all 166 counts. holmes is accused of opening fire during a midnight showing of a batman movie. 12 people were gunned down and murdered. 70 injured. holmes' arraignment set for tomorrow, but his lawyers may ask for a delay. stay with fox news channel for the very latest on this breaking news. and now to sex, lies and
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murder. was the the woman accused of savagely murdering his ex-boyfriend in the shower just caught in more lies today? jodi arias changed her story three times since arrest and now prosecutors tried to show her before the jury as being a serial liar. take a look at this testimony. >> what did she tell you about those cuts? >> she worked at margaritaville and i guess she broke a glass. >> is there a business establishment, a bar, restaurant by the name of margaritaville? >> no, sir. >> so there is no restaurant by the name of margaritaville there. >> no, sir. >> how about in the whole of the county, is there had a restaurant by the name of margaritaville? >> no, sir. >> greta: also in the arizona courtroom today jurors watching an interview arias did with inside edition right after she was indicted for murder. >> all of the evidence against me right now is very
10:16 pm
compelling. >> what really happened in there? >> in a nutshell, two people took travis' life, two monsters. >> did you not shoot travis. >> no, i've never shot a real gun. >> you did not stab him 27 times. >> never, that's heinous. >> slit his throat from ear to ear. >> i could not imagine slitting anyone's throat, a jury won't convict me. >> why not. >> you can mark my words, a jury won't convict me. >> troy is back, in terms of the margaritaville comment, could you put it in context? why was the prosecutor asking na question. >> she said she had cuts on her hands because she worked at margaritaville and cut her hand. and the bottom line, jodi arias is a liar. she told three different stories about how the murder happened. two strange guys did it, you heard it on the inside edition
10:17 pm
interview, oh, yeah, i did it, it was self-defense. everybody knows she's a liar and she's a killer she admitted that. the question now, is it first degree murder? will she get the death penalty. >> greta: and it's beyond a reasonable doubt. when somebody changes the story three times and preposterous, she's still presumed innocent. i'm curious, any sense what the defense is? i know there's been suggestion of self-defense, but through the cross examination has the defense attorneys, have they thrown in the towel or just trying to spare her life or actually trying to get her -- does it seem like they believe they're going to, you know, that they have a defense, a viable one? >> i don't know what they believe. here is what they're trying to do. the bottom line, travis alexander was shot, he was stabbed, and his throat was slit. the defense is saying he was shot first. now that would make sense, much smaller woman, much larger man. she shot him first, coming after him, slit his throat and
10:18 pm
ended it. the prosecution says, no, she stabbed him. slit his throat and depraved act, shot him in the head when he she was dead and should get the death penalty for that. >> what's her demeanor, she listens to the man on the witness stand, she hooked up the next day after the decedent died. what was her demeanor when she listened to her testimony. >> she didn't show a lot of emotion. when the inside edition interview came up, mark my words, no jury is going to convict me, they slumped down and then perked up. and somebody who admitted to the killing and 24 hours later she's on a first date at chili's with another guy making small talk. maybe there's two different jodi's here. >> you can't predict what the jury is thinking, but we always look at them to see how they respond or look, and i take it they are he' paying close attention to the evident and not displaying any sense, not smirking or showing
10:19 pm
disgust or laughing or anything else, right? >> no, i mean, they have amazing poker faces. i was just talking about that with somebody else today, saying now what? they keep a very, now, calm demeanor on the outside. the only time i saw any real emotion, is when they put pictures of travis alexander's body up. and i'm telling you, greta, af been around a lot of court cases around the years, i haven't seen much like this, it was a very, very violent killing. >> greta: troy, thank you. >> you've got it, greta. >> straight ahead, shocking news in the disappearance of a fashion mogul's plane. did missoni's plane really crash? wait until you hear what his son says. that's from venezuela. and a controversy, a teacher throws an american flag on the floor and stomps on it in front of the the children. one of those children is here and she'll tell you all about it. plus, it starting, big news about congressman paul ryan. is he running for president in 2016? find out what he just said. e .
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>> obamacare may be the law of the land, but the fight over the mandate for contraception coverage is not over. listen to this, virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli saying opponents should be willing to go to jail to fight it. on the radio says he supports the lawsuit of hobby lobby stores against the contraception mandate. >> i think you're going to see more hobby lobbies out there and plenty of people are suing, but i think, you know, part of this is the attack on the catholic church and my local bishop said, well, you know, i told the group i'm ready to go to jail. and i said bishop don't take this personally, you need to go to be ready to go to jail
10:24 pm
and people need to see it play out all the way to its logical conclusion and this guy is making them do it. god bless them. >> attorney general cuccinelli quoting abraham lincoln, the best way to get rid after bad law is to enforce it vigorously. >> and no sign of the plane carrying fashion mogul vit t vittorio missoni. and did it crash? the son insisted the plane going down in the water is the least mrauzable explanation for his father's disappearance. what does he by that? and the reporter is in caracas venezuela. >> they've been searching for almost a week for some sign of what happened to the plane. absolutely no sign whatsoever of any wreckage.
10:25 pm
the archipelago lines off 50 miles of venezuela, it's a short flight, less than an hour in a small plane even such as the one gone missing, but that's a very large area of sea to search and they've been using boats and using divers and they've been using planes and come up with nothing so far. >> greta: i take it, this is a small plane so not carry a lot of fuel, but i take it there's no sort of fuel slick on the tor top of the water, nothing to indicate the plane went down. >> nothing at all. the last communication with the plane, and coming back to the venezuela mainland was ten nautical miles away from the archipelago and no sign at that time there was any distress signal or anything like that. so the authorities really have nothing to go on in terms of where to look, where they might find wreckage or anything of that kind. well, the son says of the mogul, says it's the least plausible theory that the
10:26 pm
plane went down. what are his plausible theories, if you know. >> it's interesting that 48 hours after the plane went missing, the son of one of the other passengers on the plane received a text message from his father that said, call now, we're available. and this sort of brought everybody who was looking for them, already looking for the people on the plane, a great sense of hope, they thought perhaps they are somewhere to be found. one of the rumors, the plane was hijacked, kidnapped, kidnapping in venezuela is a fairly regular occurrence, but usually happens in a carjacking, people taken in their cars and held for hours, sometimes held for days, weeks or months. it wouldn't be heard of for a kidnapping to take place for a ransom. but of course for it to happen to a plane, that's unheard of. we've never heard of that. >> greta: missing under that theory is a ransom. if you're kidnapping for a ransom you make a communication, give me the
10:27 pm
money or else and they've received no ransom request, right? >> exactly. there's been nothing of that kind. no other communication whatsoever other than this one text message last sunday. >> greta: what would the -- what was the fashion mogul doing in venezuela? i understand he lives in italy. >> he does, but there are a lot of italian immigrants to venezuela, a big italian population here and archipelago, a lot of the guest house there is are run by italian families, a very popular destination for italians, not surprising he would choose it. it's known as a luxury destination, the jewel in the crown of venezuela's tourist offerings, you know, white sand beaches, tourquoise seas and high end, and not surprising to spend the new years holiday there. >> greta: very strange, and the search will continue? they have they're not calling
10:28 pm
it off yet. >> it seems to be coming to a close, they had sop help, some of the antilles island close by sent ships to search, but with no sign, it sounds as if soon perhaps within the next 24 hours they'll be wrapping up the search operation. >> greta: just curious, the geography lesson, not that far from other islands. how far, for instance, from aruba? >> aruba is a little further away, to the west, but from curacou, it's not isolated, but if there are no ships passing, a plane could crash out of the sky, and no one would find it. a big area of sea to search. >> greta: sarah, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> greta: he emotional day for south carolina governor nikki haley, her husband michael is it in the national guard and today left for one month of training and then deploy to afghanistan. during today's send-off for
10:29 pm
the south carolina guard unit captain michael haley saying good gi to the governor and their two children and issuing a statement we're a proud military family who understands the sacrifices any family goes through when a loved one is serving his or her country. coming up, the teachers' job is on the line and trouble throwing an american flag on the ground and stomping all over it in front of his class. you'll hear from the student in the class next. and also imagine finding an ipad with $13,000 stuffed inside? what would you do it with it? that's exactly what happened with an airport worker, you won't believe what he did. you have to see this coming up. flash before your eyes. make it worth watcng. introducing the 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit.
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♪ many hot dogs are within you. try pepto-bismol to-go, it's the power of pepto, but it fits in your pocket. now tell the world daniel... of pepto-bismol to-go. >> a south carolina teacher's behavior sparking outrage. get this, the high school teacher threw an american flag on the floor and then he stomped all over it and it was in front of his students. of course, parents, well, are angry and the teacher could get fired. michael cokeland's daughter
10:33 pm
was in the classroom when it happened and he joins us along with his daughter maggie. welcome to both of you, michael and maggie, good to see you. >> thank you very much. >> greta: maggie, let me start with you since you were in the classroom. tell me what you saw. what happened? >> well he was teaching us about symbols and gave us an example such as a cross that symbolizes christianity and then he took the flag and he said that it was just a symbol of america and a piece of cloth with colors on it. and then he threw it on the ground and stomped on it. >> greta: what was the reaction, maggie, of the students in the classroom, watching it did anyone say anything to him? >> yeah, we were all very shocked and he even made a comment afterwards, he said that at least we reacted better than his other class. he had a girl scream in the other class. >> greta: is he a teacher that's typically well-liked by the students? >> by some of them. i wouldn't say by all of them
10:34 pm
though. >> greta: michael, how did you find out about this? >> well, we're getting ready to have dinner one night and maggie made a comment like mr. compton stepping on the american flag and i said what do you mean. she said, yeah, he stepped on the flag and i said when? and she said i didn't tell you about this? i said no. and i said start from the beginning. tell me exactly what happened. so she tells me the story just like she said, as far as like what he did, what happened and i said, well, what was the whole point this have? i mean, was there something he was trying to teach and she said i really don't remember anything. i said was he getting overexcited in the moment of saying something? she said oh, no, he did this in two of his other classes. >> greta: what did you do, michael, contact anybody call the teacher and say what's up with this? >> what i did first. i was very, very upset. i mean, i was just really to the point of shaking when she first told me this. so, i just did not want to
10:35 pm
act, overreact at the very beginning, i went through the course of the rest of the week and asking the same questions over, what happened again? tell me again. 'cause i wanted to make sure she was certain, oh, yes, this happened. on thursday morning-- i found out monday night and thursday morning i sent an e-mail to the district student and i copied the members of the school board who were elected into office as well as the local news, wif. and i also sent a copy of it to various groups like my old rotary club and boy scout units i'm involved with and i sent the story about what happened and what she had told me. and i sent that and the very first person that was responded was the superintendent and he said he was not aware of this. this is the first he's heard of it and he would immediately investigate this. and he added that he too, was
10:36 pm
a veteran and that he did not agree with what may have happened. so the very next morning on friday morning i received an e-mail from him stating that on the initial investigation, that he had suspended the teacher, or placed him on administrative leave and that a further investigation was underway. >> greta: maggie, did the teacher ever come back like the next day or something and say anything about i a never me again. >> greta: michael, maggie, thank you both very much. >> thank you very much, greta. >> thank you. >> greta: and the feature of scott compton's teaching career is now of course in the hands of the school board after receiving lots of complaints from irate parents and the board spent weeks investigating what really happened in the high school classroom and interviewed mr. compton to complete the investigation. are they closer to finding out what happened to the flag or the decision about mr. compton's job. and mark is the spokesman for the district.
10:37 pm
he joins us, mark, in terms of what happened, when you spoke to the teacher, did the teacher say essentially what maggie recount what had happened? i guess we have a little problem with his audio. which makes it exceedingly difficult to find out what the the reaction was, but just to sort of recap what happened in the school district is that the teacher stepped on the flag and the students were a little bit distracted or they found it disheartening and reported to their parents and now the parents have gotten upset, at least some of the parents, some are rhett advance, at least mark. tell me with the teachers, what happened in the classroom? >> greta, i can't give you specifics because the superintendent has recommended the teacher for termination so obviously the teacher may have some legal recourse. i can tell you immediately upon hearing this we put the
10:38 pm
teacher on administrative leave while we conducted a full investigation. we want today make sure we heard all the facts before we move forward and the facts substantiated he did indeed take the flag off of the wall and stepped on it at the conclusion of the investigation, the superintendent determined that that course of action would terminate the teacher's service to our district. >> greta: did the teacher say why he did it? was there some sort of educational purpose or making an example or spark a debate or provoke a debate? >> again, i'd have to let the teacher answer that question. >> greta: what's the level of complaints from parents? how many, how many students in the class and how many parents did you have who were contacting you? >> oh, my goodness. well, first of all, the superintendent is well-respected in our community and immediately let the community, indicated we'd take action. so the community is waiting and trusts the superintendent to take the right action, but as the news has gotten out across the country we've received phone calls and e-mails across the country
10:39 pm
appalled with this behavior. >> greta: we'll wait and see what happens and i assume we haven't heard the end this have story. mark, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> greta: coming up, disturbing new information about the suicide of former nfl star junior seau. and in two minutes incredible discovery, an ipad with $13,000 stuffed inside. you have to see what the man who found the loot did with it. that's more incredible. that's two minutes away. [ alarm clock ringing ] [ female announcer ] if you have rheumatoid arthritis,
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10:42 pm
he gave morgan a $60 reward. he didn't keep that either. he gave some to a homeless woman and some to a fellow worker and finally his company rewarded him $625 equal to a paid vacation, and morgan agreed to keep that. and what do you think about that. post him a nice comment. we'll be back in two. hey, our salads. [ bop ] [ bop ] [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8. schwab bank was built with all e value and convenience tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 investors want. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 like no atm fees, worldwide. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550
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♪ hi dad. many years from now, when the subaru is theirs... hey. you missed a spot. ...i'll look back on this day and laugh. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> this is very disturbing about concussions in the nfl. according to a new study by the national institutes of health. former star linebacker junior seau had a brain disease when he committed suicide. it's associated with repeated blows to the head. the nfl is facing lawsuits by many former football players and they withheld the harmful effects of concussion. and mark from sports illustrated joins us. mark, tell me about this development with this player, what it's going to mean to the
10:45 pm
nfl? >> well, this is the latest in a series of events that have brought head trauma and concussions to the forefront of the nfl and junior seau is the most prominent player linked with this issue, 20-year nfl veteran, future hall-of-famer for sure and just a guy who loves the game, always had a smile on his face, when he was playing, and just, you know, very young and took his own life and this is just raised serious issues about what these repeated hits to the heads that nfl players are suffering what, that means for them long-term. >> greta: during the course of his professional career, were there reported concussions? >> this is the really interesting thing. junior seau was never officially diagnosed with a concussion over his entire 20 year career. that's not to say he didn't suffer serious blows to the head. every nfl player who plays for a significant period of time does. and the problem was there was no real protocol in the nfl
10:46 pm
for diagnosing concussions for a long time. this is a situation where a guy who would just shake it off and go back on the field. it's only in the last couple of years the nfl has gotten really serious about diagnosing concussions on the field and preventing players from coming back on the field after they've suffered injury. so, you know, this is just an issue that is going to be plaguing the nfl for a long time. we've got 4,000 players suing the league, former players suing the league based on their medical condition right now. >> greta: now, in terms of him, i mean, you said that he's always got a smile on his face, every time we see a picture of him. the family say anything peculiar about it over the period of time. >> he retired a few years ago, and the normal life of a celebrity athlete were difficult. there were some issues where he was, you know, apparently sleep deprived and behaving somewhat erratically. the problem is linking all of that behavior with head trauma
10:47 pm
is very difficult. he might just have been suffering from depression, which is nothing to do with what happened, what was going on with his nfl career, so this is a lot more study that needs to be done on this issue. >> greta: and of course, the fact that there are others that have committed suicide has put the spotlight on it as well. mark, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: straight ahead, congressman paul ryan talks 2016. what is he saying about a possible presidential run? we'll find out next. also, family's desperation is growing. still no word from an american journalist kidnapped in syria. the family is pleading for his return and his brother is here. you're going to hear from him coming up. a new game. ♪ that'll save the day. ♪ so will bounty select-a-size. it's the smaller powerful sheet. the only one with trap + lock technology. look! one select-a-size sheet of bounty is 50% more absorbent than a full size sheet of the leading ordinary brand.
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>> congressman and former vice-presidential nominee paul
10:51 pm
ryan in 2016, so, is he running for president? congressman ryan saying he's not ruled it out and told the wisconsin state journal, quote, i've decided not to decide. so far now congressman ryan says he and his family are enjoying settling back down at home in janesville. and spent lots of time on the road during the 2012 campaign. congressman ryan is back at his job, house budget committee chair and focusing on the fiscal issues facing the country. as for 2016. stay tuned. and the family of an american journalist kidnapped overseas is trying to bring him home again. this time free-lance journalist james foley in syria, but in 2011 held hostage in libya. >> you know, this is it, you know, maybe i'll get shot next. instinctively, i just realize i had to get up and hold my arms up, let them know if they didn't know we weren't armed.
10:52 pm
we were journalists. >> and his family is pleading for his safe return. and his brother joins us. >> good morning, thanks for having me. >> greta: you're welcome. michael, when did you last hear from your brother? >> i spoke with jim a couple of weeks before thanksgiving and just before that, he was actually out this way visiting in october, you know, went to a soccer game with my boys. so, very recently. >> greta: are there any eyewitnesses to his kidnapping? so that you can at least get some information as to who might hold him and have there been any requests for ransom or anything? >> there were eyewitness accounts. there have not been any requests, there hasn't been any communication. we don't know who is holding him at this time. >> greta: what do you know about the kidnapping? >> well, what i can say is
10:53 pm
there were some armed gunman that took jim. he was headed back to turkey which is kind of the irony. but we really don't know much more than that, unfortunately. >> greta: and how long had he been in the region? >> jim's been in and out of syria for over a year. this most recent trip he hadn't been there all that long. maybe a couple of weeks and he was nearing -- he was a couple weeks away from returning to the u.s. for the holidays, which just makes it a little more difficult. >> greta: i take it that the u.s. government is helping new some way and i take it that the point of now speaking out is hoping to put a spotlight on it and encourage anybody who might have information to come forward or even to encourage the government to be more aggressive to find your brother, is that a fair description? >> no, i don't think that's a fair description. to me, there is a lack of information that we are, we
10:54 pm
are seeking, but my main purpose is i want to remind people who are viewing this broadcast that jim's an objective and innocent journalist, he was just doing his job over there, we appeal to the people who are holding him to release him unharmed, to communicate with us, to let us know that he's okay, and i'd like to mention a website we've set up free james for folks to visit and anyone that has information may share. >> greta: what is it that makes your brother want to do work like this? people always ask that about journalists to put themselves in danger. why does your brother want to do that? >> that's a great question. i sit behind a desk every day. and he is just passionate about the stories. you know, the humanity, you know, the personal stories that are involved and it just draws him back to it. i think he really feels strongly about bringing a voice to what's going on in
10:55 pm
some of the conflict zones and it's just in his dna. >> greta: you know, so many of my colleagues, now, covering the wars all the time, the dangerous parts of the world and people always ask us, you know, why do you do this. >> right. >> greta: but it's, you know, there is a passion for this work to try to get the truth out. michael, thank you for joining us and good luck. i hope your brother comes home soon. >> thank you, thanks for having me. >> greta: and coming up, is actor mark wahlberg making a big career change? you have to see what he's up to next. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast. ♪ oh what a relief it is! ♪ [ male announcer ] don't just reject convention. drown it out. introducing e all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport. an entirely new pursuit. for their annual football trip.
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>> when we saw mark wahlberg along with the director of his new movie trying on a new gig. did the weather and traffic reports at a philadelphia tv station. >> sunny and mild. high 54 low 32, come on, get with it. and this is-- >> the average for this time of year, for january is about 30. >> that says 54. >> the high. >> 40 is the average. >> what's the record high? 54? >> the record for today is 68. >> lets me give this seven day forecast, tomorrow expecting 48 high, 37 degree low, oh, man, big problems over there. >> right here, mark, baby. come to the map. >> look at this. >> and congestion here, expecting 40, 45 minute delay, things eastbound on the 676 here and serious problems and stop and get yourself a hoguey, all right? >> might as well. >> and down over here, looking 95 moving nice. >> greta: that's your last


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